Tussey's Casual Grill, Omaha, NE


CRISPY SOUTHWESTERN ROLLS Filled with smoked chicken, black beans, roasted corn, sweet onion, served with salsa and cilantro sour cream. 7.99

SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP Served piping hot with crostini. 6.29

THICK CUT O’RINGS Crispy and sweet onion rings served with chipotle ketchup dippin’ sauce. 6.49

T-GRILL CHICKEN WINGS 6 or 12 pieces with choice of ranch, sassy BBQ, sesame ginger glaze, buffalo sauce, or raspberry jalapeno marmalade. Served with crunchy celery sticks, too. 6-pack 5.99 12-pack 8.99

COWBOY BEAN DIP Spicy chorizo sausage & pinto beans, topped with cheddar cheese & cilantro sour cream, served with warm tortilla chips. 5.69

CRISPY STICKS Six breaded mozzarella cheese sticks served with zesty marinara sauce. 7.29

ASIAN SPRING ROLLS Crispy wrappers filled with veggies, served with Thai peanut & apricot chili sauces. 7.29

BISTRO PLATE Today’s fruit & cheese assortment, salami wedges, kalamata olives and Crostini. 7.99

9229 Mormon Bridge Plaza • Omaha, Nebraska • 68152 • 402-884-2288


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